The National Teams Of National Football Associations
Vladimir Chorno-Ivanov

Мова видання: англ.
Виходить друком: грудень 2021
Сторінок: 292
Оправа: м’яка
Ціна: за запитом
ISBN 978-617-7805-60-0

Football is a living organism that is constantly evolving. The FIFA and UEFA competitions, including U-21 and youth tournaments, have become an integral part of the landscape of world and European football and an essential element for any national association managing at least four national youth teams. But there is a well-known formula for success too: strong clubs generate strong national teams.
This book examines the various facets of national youth teams within the National Team Institute of a national football association. It aims to provide a systematic description of the multiple factors which influence national team formation, selection, education & training and, consequently, national team performance in official competitions at both youth and “A” level.
The author analyzes the different practices, experience, expertise and statistics of leading European football associations in national team development and draws parallels with the Ukrainian path to “A” team formation.
This book is primarily recommended for coaches and managers working in UEFA and FIFA member associations, as well as for football experts and enthusiasts and for all members of our football family looking to develop their experience & knowledge in order to create a more competitive environment and contribute to improving our great game.

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